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Buying a home or property for the first-time can seem complicated or overwhelming. We love to empower people in becoming homeowners, its a major milestone!

Here's the process in brief:

  1. Call or email us, and we'll discuss what's most important for you and your family.
  2. Together we'll determine the geographic areas to look in, price range, size of house/apartment/condo.
  3. Get yourself Pre-qualified for a Mortgage loan. We can recommend a trustworthy Mortgage expert to help you find a great rate and design a financially-sound plan for purchasing a home.
  4. We'll give you a report with all the active listings (Properties for sale) that fit your criteria.

  5. We'll arrange to tour you around to all the listings that look good to you.
  6. Make an offer - When you find something that you really like, we will help you to make an offer based on comparisons of sold prices in that area.
  7. Negotiation- We will be available around the clock to present the offer, address any counter-offers, and work with the seller's agent to get you the best price possible. You will need to sign off on the offer and any subsequent changes in offer/counter-offers. If the first offer doesn't go through, we'll do it all over again. It’s a house, and houses are a big deal, so we will support you to find the right one for the right price.
  8. Accepted Offer with subject clauses - at this point, both you (Buyer) and the Seller will have agreed to a price. You may put subject clauses on your offer to allow time (usually a week) to secure financing or conduct a home inspection. Until you are able to remove the subject clauses, you are not committed to purchasing the house yet.
  9. Home Inspection. This involves you (Buyer) finding a house inspector and having an inspection done so that there are no surprises after the house is sold. When the buyer sees the inspection report and feels confident, s/he can remove that subject.

  10. Financing - You will go to your chosen financial institution (Bank, Mortgage Broker, Credit Union) and have them confirm a loan for you for your chosen new home. Once the bank approves the mortgage for your new home, you can remove subject to financing clause.
  11. Once you’ve removed all the subject clauses, you are now committed to purchasing your new home. A deposit (usually 5-10% of purchase price) is due along with subject removal.
  12. Property Transfer Tax - 1% on the first $200,000 of the fair market value and 2% of the balance. You pay Property Transfer Tax when you purchase or acquire an interest in a property. You may be eligible for a Property Transfer Tax Exemption:
  13. Waiting for Completion Date (the date that you own the property) is the best time for furniture shopping.
  14. Let us know which lawyer you will be using to represent you in closing/registration of the property. We can recommend a trustworthy lawyer to help you.

  15. Close and transfer of Property. Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! Get ready to move in!

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